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{December 5, 2008}  

So I’m guilty as charged. I haven’t been keeping up with this blog, which is no surprise seeing as I haven’t been able to keep up on my other personal ones either.  Anyway, his is the final post of my Fall 08 semester. Here is every project I’ve completed in Digital Art for your viewing enjoyment! Just scroll from the bottom up and check me out yo!

Final Project:  Video Art      SnAp HaPpY


Self Port



{November 7, 2008}  

My new website!!!

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{September 19, 2008}   Save the Tigers

{September 19, 2008}  



The digital element is a huge aspect to the modern world and western culture. If anything, it’s probably the largest aspect between our cultures and others. Our advancement in technology has both been a driving wedge between our cultures and those less fortunate while keeping us connected to the world over at the same time. We are a culture thriving daily with new ideas, new media inventions, and a need to grow in the electrical age. With each passing day digital art and new media relate more and more with the modern world.


A large part of this is due to the advancement in technology. The people of western culture are getting more bored by the second; the internet is no longer the amazing uncharted territory it used to be. The media is no longer appealing, people want more. With advancement in the field of new technology and programming growing more with each creative student, media is in demand for something new and original. Better ads, new commercials, functioning systems. There is very little you can not do with a computer anymore and the population is always ready to see improvement in this new age.


 Of course, this new media is good for much more then just ads and information. This is a whole new field for creative expression. Not only is the digital world growing, the real world is growing to. We’re still learning, we’re still fighting wars, there are still many unjust and cruel aspects to our modern lives and with this new media we have a new way to express ourselves about it. We can show what we see and feel when we see the world. A little animation or photo shop can bring the moment back to life and show what you experienced first hand, and hopefully bring some emotional into the art.


Though that new and improved media is in demand, it is becoming harder and harder to achieve. Though the modern world is thriving on new media and ideas, we are also desensitizing ourselves. It takes so much to stir the soul when the bright lights and sounds and animation are bouncing in front of our eyes daily. We are taking less time to read or act and taking more time to lose ourselves in the world we can create. This, I fear, leads to a lack of character our generation can’t afford to lose.


Conclusively, the new media and digital art of modern times are both a blessing and a curse, and if nothing else, just another aspect to the growth of man kind. In a world where everything from utter and boundless creative expression to dark and desensitizing porn is literally just a click away, it seems that technological advances are just nothing more then a way to show who you really are to a world that’s always connected.

{August 22, 2008}  

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This project came about after a long while of searching and exploring the different programs. I actually created two other projects only to be left unsatisfied and to start over again. What drove me in this piece is the color and the design, using harmony and repetition to pull you in. It also fell into a similar design found in a lot of Native American art which was unintentional but fortunate.

{August 22, 2008}   The first Post

So I’m opening this blog because I’ve never really had a blog specifically for my art work and I think this might be a good idea. So for the formal stuff, I’m Sarah. I’m 22 and go to Metro State in Denver, Colorado. I work full time at Whole Foods and I go to school full time as well (I know, I must be freaking crazy… or super motivated. Sometimes its hard to tell the two apart.) I have my AA in Liberal Arts and am working on my bachlors in either Art Education or Digital Art. I’m some what of a hippy I guess in the sence that I’m extremely laid back in all I do. I love bright vibrant colors (and rainbows) and and very outgoing and friendly. I’m really about nature, which you’ll probably see for yourself through my pictures and artwork. Its my favorite inspiration without a doubt. I’ll include some pictures of myself and some past work here today and probably every day there after. Til then ❤

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